Better your game with BatSense

BatSense is a smart-wearable device that captures and provides real-time, authentic data encompassing every single element of batting and helps players and coaches improve their game.

Follow your improvements on your smartphone

Smart Video

In-app feature that turns your smartphone camera into a video recorder. Auto-trim facility enables easy shot viewing for every stroke played.

3D Avatar

Complete 360° Angle view of shots. Shows the bat path from start to finish.

Batting Parameters

Every single element capturable while a shot is played is shown to the user.

Coach Mode

Connects Player with Coach. Coach is given direct access to live session stats and 3D Avatar. Coach can connect with player from anywhere in the world.

Match Mode

Records and displays Player’s match data. Feature allows match performance to be analysed later.

Wagon Wheel

Projection of shots played on-side, off-side, grounded and lofted is shown for each session.

Revolutionizing cricket with technology

A small highly functional device that can be mounted on the bat handle in seconds and provides in-depth analysis about shots played and thereby subsequently improving performances.

Batting Parameters

Max Bat Speed

The maximum speed of the bat achieved at any point during the bat swing, starting from the Back Lift to the Follow Through. Measured in kmphs

Rotation at Impact

The angle of rotation around the handle of the bat at the point of impact with the ball. This is the wrist motion which determines which way the bat face is turning. Whether it is open or closed and to what degree at the time of impact with the ball

Back Lift Angle

Extent to which the bat is lifted by the batsman before playing a shot. Back lift angle helps to understand whether the batsman has got a short or high-back lift

Follow Through Angle

The extent to which the bat travels after hitting the ball. This is measured from the time of impact onwards until the bat finishes its follow-through

Impact Time

Time elapsed (in milliseconds) from the Back-Lift point to the point of impact

Speed at Impact

The speed of the bat (in kmph) at which point the ball impacts the bat

Average Speed

The average speed of the bat (in kmph) throughout the shot, from back lift to follow through

Bat Start Angle

The direction in which the bat is pointed towards by the batsman before playing the shot. Usually described as towards 1st Slip or 2nd Slip etc

Blade Angle

Extent to which the bat is opened towards off-side or leg-side while holding the bat before playing the shot

Impact Angle

Shows whether the ball is hit in the air or on the ground. The angle the bat makes with the ground surface while impacting the ball

A motion-sensing IoT device

BatSense is born out of an idea to gain never-before insights into batting. To capture and provide authentic data and information covering every element of batting. Having always associated batting with form, feel, rhythm and flow, there remains a huge need to help batsman understand their game better and become better batsmen. Now, it is possible through our BatSense.

BatSense has been meticulously developed by Silicon Valley’s finest engineering minds from Intel involving research and development worth millions of dollars and which is now affordable and empowering to every batsman. The company is conceptualized and founded by Mr. Atul Srivastava, M.D, is a pioneer, being the first in idea and execution, through developing this with Intel and officially recognised by ICC.

BatSense Sleeve & Key
Get it now for £10 (excl VAT)

The BatSense Sleeve is an accessory which fits like a grip on to the bat handle. Provides the base for the BatSense to fit into and lock. Weighs 19 gms.

The Key is an accessory which helps lock the BatSense into the Sleeve. After placing the BatSense into the Sleeve, Key is used to lock the sensor by turning clockwise. Weighs 2 gms.

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