Two titans in the world of golf technology have once again come together in a special collaboration: bringing a world-leading suite of simulator products to golfers, and creating an experience like no other.

Iain and Malcolm Mackenzie, founders of MIA Golf Tech, have almost 60 years of experience between them when it comes to the world of golf. Their aim is to be able to provide the ultimate golfing experience from the comfort of your own home, or club, with some of the world’s leading golfing technology.

Their renewal of the partnership with MIA Sport Solutions gives them an extra edge when it comes to creating the ultimate ‘off-course’ golfing experience. Using innovative technology, MIA Golf Tech are able to provide clients with some of the very best golfing equipment and simulators.

The partnership provides everything you need to create advanced golf simulation: from sound-dampening HD enclosures, to E6 course simulation software that puts players inside 30 of Golf Digest’s ‘Greatest Courses’ list. It includes the latest ball tracking tech from FlightScope, and full installation and ongoing support.

Iain Mackenzie says: “Imagine enjoying a round of golf with your friends and family without even having to leave your front room. Our rekindled partnership helps you build and design your own golf simulator tailored to your space, style and location. Plus, you can choose the locations of your golf courses, so you can play your favourite 18 holes whenever you want.”

If you are a business wanting to benefit from a state of the art golf studio, we have the creative knowledge. A dedicated indoor golf studio unlocks a new offering for your clients and customers, allowing you to teach and improve their golf skills. Their team of experts will help you design how you want the studio to look as well as extra additions like performance turf, netting and ball tracking technology.

Download the brochure to see more information or contact MIA Golf Tech for quotes, interviews and further information. Email or call 0114 243 6248.

About MIA Golf Tech

MIA Golf Tech are the UK’s first choice for world-leading golf technology, the official exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of FlightScope® X3 and Range products, the authorised reseller of FlightScope® Mevo & Mevo+, and the official European distributor of Capto, Science & Motion, HackMotion, Swing Catalyst, Nurokor, E6 Connect & Awesome Golf. Based at iGolfStudio in Sheffield, the company is run by Iain and Malcolm Mackenzie who have over fifty years of combined experience in the industry.

About MIA Sports Solutions

MIA Sports Solutions is widely recognised as a global leader in the design and installation of Performance Golf Studios, under the Tech:Ex Studio Solution brand, servicing a full range of customers from independent golf professionals to large corporate resort clients across a wide international market place including the UK. Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Australia.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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