Power and Precision

Let’s take a look at tech to accurately analyse your putts, the pros using it, and the importance of a strong core. The course in

Data Analysis

Today we’re talking data. From the best tech, to the place to use it and the pro who does, we explore the power of data

Recovery Special

This time, we’re talking about wearable tech to assist your recovery, and understanding the importance of a reset. See the best place to recoup for

The Flightscope skills app

What is it? The FlightScope skills app allows golfers to test their skills on Apple and Android mobile devices using a FlightScope radar unit. It

Putting Perfection

This week, we’re looking at the Capto EZ, finding out how to mentally train for putting, appreciating the sophisticated St Andrews Old Course, and hearing

Superb Swings

This time in Game Changers, we take a look at the impressive data on FlightScope X3 and discover ways to improve your swing from your

Measurable Gains: How to get the edge

Welcome to Game Changers. This week, we’re looking at technology for tracking gameplay data, observing dynamic movements that can help you improve your swing, sharpen

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