This week we hear about the Mevo+ Pro Package that gives you even more data, the importance of balance, and the simply stunning Bled course in beautiful Slovenia.


The Mevo+ Pro Package gives you even more data parameters, 27 in total. Powered by Flightscope’s Fusion Tracking technology, the add-on means you’ll have your complete D-Plane data set including club path, FTP, low point, and more. By combining 3D Doppler tracking and image processing, the Fusion Tracking technology gives you more accurate and consistent data.

By seeing additional information on your game with the Mevo+ Pro Package, you will be able to use the data to improve your performance.


Good balance is crucial to a speedy swing with a solid impact. Balance is an area that we should train for everyday life and for golf. Not only does it help prevent trips and falls on and off the course, it can also dramatically improve your game.

Tiger Woods writes, “One of the least discussed but most important elements of the full swing is balance. Not only is a balanced swing nice to look at, it’s critical to good ball striking.”(1)

Thankfully there are ways to improve your balance. Through simple exercises such as walking in a line heel to toe, standing on one leg, and step ups you can train your balance and transform your golf game. (2)

Places: Bled, Slovenia

Bled Golf Course in Slovenia is the oldest and largest in the country, and ranked as one of the top 25 in the continent. Not only does it feature a stunning 18 hole course; it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains and lakeside views in Europe — no wonder it’s considered one of the greatest courses on the continent. Put this one on your bucket list. (3)

People: Mike Dobbyn

When it comes to sharpening your game, it doesn’t get much sharper than Mike Dobbyn. Mike is the world record holder of the farthest drive in history: an awesome 551-yard shot on a par 5 at Dragon Ridge Country Club in Nevada. The wind helped—as did the slope of the green, which let the ball roll gently to rest just 40 yards from the green. reported that Dobbyn’s driver has been measured in competition as swinging at an average of 145 mph, and has been clocked on a launch monitor as high as 157 mph. With speeds like that, it’s no wonder he’s an avid Mevo+ user—a device that helps you get accurate data on your swing so you can analyse and keep improving.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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