We are delighted to officially announce that we are now an authorised reseller of the Zen range of moving floors. This includes both the Zen Green Stage and the Zen Swing Stage, offering accurately-adjustable gradients for both putting and full shots.

Imagine standing on the brink of innovation, where every swing and putt is not just an action but a step towards perfection. That's the journey we're embarking on, as we officially join forces with Zen, the leaders of the moving floor revolution and creators of golf’s gold-standard adjustable-surface technology.

Zen is a PGA Partner in GB & Ireland; there are two Zens at PGA headquarters at The Belfry. Its moving floors are also used for coach and player education by the PGAs of America, Australia and Germany, as well as by England Golf and other global golf organisations. Many Tour golfers and elite coaches, plus universities such as Harvard and equipment companies including PING and TaylorMade now use Zens for their performance and research programmes.

The Zen moving floors, which are now in use in 24 countries worldwide (and on the seas!), enhance virtually all other golf technologies, including FlightScope, transforming the indoor golf experience which up until now has been predominantly based on a flat playing surface.

Golf, at its core, is about overcoming challenges, including mastering the unpredictability of varied terrains. Enter Zen's robust moving floor technology – a game-changer that makes the indoor golf experience as real as stepping onto the lush greens under the open sky.

The advantages of Zen, from coaching to personal practice, are unparalleled. Adjustable gradients at your disposal mean addressing common swing faults with an innovative approach, transforming challenges into opportunities for improvement.

As we bring Zen's technology under our wing, it's more than a partnership; it's a shared vision for the future of golf. It's about providing you with not just technology, but an experience that transforms your game and ultimately, reshapes the way you view golf technology.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the Zen world, exploring the endless possibilities and the future it promises for every golfer out there.

You can click here to view the Swing Stage and click here to view the Green Stage in more detail. Excluding delivery and installation, the Zen Swing Stage for hitting shots from sloping lies starts at £14,950 + VAT. The adjustable Zen Green Stage, which adds Tour-quality breaking putts as well as gradients for hitting full shots, starts at £23,795 + VAT.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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