This week we’re looking at the Hack Motion Pro – tech that hones the motion pattern of your wrist for speedier shots – admiring the Grimsby Golf Centre Awesome Golf Range, powered by FlightScope as the place to perfect your game, and giving you the key exercises you shouldn’t skip at the gym.


The wrist plays a huge part in long-distance shots as it acts as a hinge between the arms and the club. Hack Motion Pro fine tunes the motion pattern of your wrist to help move the club faster. Use the information from this device to analyse lead and trial wrist data, and train clubface control. With the ability to capture arm and wrist movements and translate them into graphs, tiles, and 3D hand models, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of the player’s motion pattern, which you can then compare to PGA tour players. Bio-audio feedback gives an accurate guide to the correct wrist position, with a sound playing only when the perfect wrist angle range is achieved, a brilliant way to start off correctly and accelerate learning.


Featuring all the technology you could possibly need to refine your swing, increase accuracy, and give you session statistics, Grimsby Golf Centre Awesome Golf is the place to be for golf in Grimsby. Suitable for all ages and abilities, the Awesome Golf Range Centre has 18 bays, including double bays for right-handed players.


Chris Long, Head Teaching Professional at Stone Golf Centre in Staffordshire harnesses the power of Flightscope and HackMotion to professionally analyse and review golf swings. We recently had Chris visit our headquarters at the IGolfStudio in Sheffield for a free tech demo. Chris’s advice is backed by his years of coaching to help new and experienced golfers improve their swing and hit better shots. If you’re from around the Staffordshire area and thinking about upping your game by combining pro coaching and technology, find out if Chris can help you.


Finessing your game happens off the course too. While stretches are excellent for golfers, the weights in the gym shouldn’t be overlooked. A golf-specific workout needs to focus on getting the muscles you mainly use for your game stronger, so you can swing harder and more accurately. Back muscles play a big part in your game: in fact, almost every muscle in the back is used during your swing. A few back exercises you should add to your weekly gym routine are the seated row, bent over row, and lateral pull down. Team these exercises up with others that work your arms, abs and legs for the ultimate golfer’s session. Add some squats, shoulder presses, triceps dips, crunches, and deadlifts. Remember, if you’re new to lifting, start light and increase the weight over time to avoid injury.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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