Smart Cricket BatSense


Revolutionising the way you play and train. Improve your game with a blend of technology and deep cricketing insights, ensuring you're always one step ahead on the pitch.

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Key Features

Advanced Performance Analytics

Understand your game like never before with intricate details and real-time feedback.

Durable & Lightweight

Crafted for professionals with an eye on durability without compromising on weight.

Interactive Mobile Application

Sync seamlessly with our user-friendly app, making it easier to track, analyse, and improve.

Personalised Training Modules

Tailor-made training recommendations to suit your playing style and needs.

Shareable Insights

Proud of your stats? Share them with your peers, coaches, or on social media with a single click!

Data Parameters

Back Lift Angle

Determines the extent to which the bat is lifted by the batter before playing a shot. This angle provides insight into whether the batter has a short or high back-lift.

Follow Through Angle

Represents how far the bat travels after making contact with the ball, measured from the time of impact until the completion of the bat's follow-through.

Bat Speed

Measures the maximum speed of the bat during its swing, from the Back Lift to the Follow Through.

Average Bat Speed

The consistent speed of the bat (in km/h) throughout the entirety of the shot, starting from back lift and ending at the follow through.

Impact Time

Duration (in milliseconds) between the initiation of the Back-Lift and the moment the ball is struck.

Shot Efficiency

An index of 'timing' based on the relationship between Max Bat Speed and the Speed at Impact. If both parameters match perfectly, the efficiency score is 100.

Rotation at Impact

Indicates the wrist movement during the shot, determining whether the bat face is open or closed and to what degree it's aligned at the time of ball contact.

Bat Start Angle

Shows the direction in which the bat is oriented before the shot is played, described in cricketing terms such as "towards 1st Slip" or "2nd Slip".

Impact Angle

Demonstrates whether the ball was hit in the air or on the ground, based on the angle the bat forms with the ground at the moment of impact.

Blade Angle

Measures how much the bat is opened towards the off-side or leg-side while preparing for the shot.

Speed at Impact

Represents the speed (in km/h) of the bat at the precise moment it contacts the ball.

Technical Specifications
  • 1 Sensor
  • 1 Bat Sleeve
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Key
  • Startup Guide
Other features

Gesture Recognition

Understands every nuance of your cricketing shots.

Training Drills

Access to a variety of drills to enhance specific skills.

Cloud Storage

Store and retrieve your performance data anytime, anywhere.

Secure Data Encryption

Ensuring your performance data stays private and safe.