Swing Catalyst Balance Plate


Swing Catalyst is the #1 golf video analysis software on the market. It’s comprehensive and powerful, praised by coaches and players around the world for its user-friendliness.

Please note, this product excludes software and cameras.

  • Over 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors
  • Detailed foot pressure data
  • Add an extra dimension to golf swing analysis
  • Pressure distribution
  • Centre of Pressure (CoP)
  • Detailed foot pressure distribution
  • CoP patterns
  • Video synchronisation
  • Size: 19.9″ x 38.8″ / 50.5cm x 98.6cm
  • Sensor size: 0.6” x 0.6” / 1.5cm x 1.5cm
  • Number of sensors: 2048
  • Sensing area: 19” x 38” / 48.2cm x 96.5cm
  • Force range: 30PSI
  • Scan rate: 100hz
  • Weight: 13lbs / 5.9kg
Lasered loft in degrees
Pressure distribution and stance width
Large sweet spot for no more off centre strikes
Center of Pressure and Swing Pattern
Video and data synchronisation

Analyse what you are unable to see

With over 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors, the Swing Catalyst provides detailed foot pressure data, real-time centre of pressure, and centre of pressure patterns. Giving you a better understanding of the golf swing and showing you data that couldn’t be tracked by the best high speed cameras or highly trained eye, the device can give you the data to help you to make drastic improvements. The Swing Catalyst can also sync with the best ball and club video analysis software for further insights.

More information about the Swing Catalyst balance plate

Pressure distribution and stance width

Easily identity where you weight is distributed thanks to technology detecting which part of your foot is pressuring the ground through your swing. This shows the golfer's distribution between left and right foot as well as how much ground reaction force they are producing. Stance width can also be calculated and this shows the types of ground reaction force they can create and therefore, the swing they are capable of producing.

Center of Pressure and Swing Pattern

The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate calculates three centre of pressure measurements through the golf swing. The left foot, right foot and total. The total is shown via a large weight dot and this isn’t the same as centre of gravity, although it is similar. You will see the centre of pressure path throughout the swing drawn over the relevant time period and this is automatically synced with the video which is brilliant for analysis. The left & right foot pressures are represented by small white dots, joined by a grey line. This line shows us if the golfer is dynamically aiming their pressures which will influence the approach of the club to the golf ball.

Video and data synchronisation

All Swing Catalyst Balance Plate data is automatically synced with the videos, images and ball/club tracking data.

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