A high powered air sanitiser that provides safe, clean air

Eradicates covid and other airborne pathogens
Can be used in any indoor environment
Unique and easily installed device
Made with the latest UVC technology

Utilising the latest in UVC technology and patented methods

The Invisible Bubble is a unique and easy installed device for overhead deactivation of airborne pathogens within localised spaces. Used either in single spaces or in larger spaces with multiple devices. There is currently 1 size that is 2m and it can be used in various settings.

The unit is very powerful and has been manufactured to the required design parameters. However, it has to fit in visually with your own environment and to achieve this, a standard range of light fittings can be made in various materials and Invisible Bubbe can also bespoke manufacture fittings to your specification. A leading light fitting manufacturer works closely with them to achieve this.

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