Flightscope Mevo+ Fixed Alignment Dock - Protective Case


Perfect setup is critical to getting accurate results with the Mevo+. The ‘Fixed Alignment Dock For Mevo+’ is designed to allow alignment of the Mevo+ to be as quick and accurate as possible whilst providing protection.

Pre-set positions and 6 points of fine-adjustment allow the Mevo+ to be aligned to the target at the correct tilt and roll angles consistently. No need to align the Mevo+ each time.

The tilt can quickly and accurately be changed from 16° (for FS golf and FS skills) to 12° (for E6) or vice versa by using the correct pre-set grove on the Dock.


- Height adjustment: 45mm when freestanding. 12mm when fixed to the floor. Lateral fine-adjustment: 12mm. Tilt adjustment: 10° - 20°.
- The Mevo+ will always be set in the same position.
- Pre-set tilt positions provided at 12° and 16°. No need to use the ‘12° simulator angle guide’ included with the Mevo+.
- The Dock also provides protection for the Mevo+ whilst not affecting the ability to monitor the golf ball.
- No issues with Wifi signal to and from the Mevo+.
- Can be fixed to the floor for a permanent installation.
- Can be fine-adjusted laterally and vertically after being fixed to the floor.
- Bullseye spirit level included gives visual feedback for levelling.
- The design allows charging the Mevo+ without having to remove it from the Dock.
- Weather resistant durable epoxy powder coat finish.