Homecourse Golf ProScreen 180°


A three-sided topped enclosure so that you can bring the golf course inside your home without the stress

Key Features

Pro arm extender tool

Experience unparalleled convenience with the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180, the exclusive indoor golf simulator enclosure that enables you to confidently utilise a genuine golf ball without concerns of mishits or shanks. With the Pro Arms and Sky Net, this innovative system forms a three-sided enclosure with a top, effectively containing wayward shots and safeguarding you, your surroundings, and fellow enthusiasts. Furthermore, the Pro Arm Extender tool, included with your purchase, allows effortless folding out of one or both sides of the enclosure to cater to left-handed or right-handed players, and conveniently folds them back in when your session is complete. Enjoy the peace of mind and adaptability offered by this exceptional golf simulator enclosure.


Bid farewell to tangled cables and embrace the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180's remarkable features of a powerful lithium-ion battery and fully wireless design, ensuring a sleek and convenient user experience. With extended operating time lasting months on a single charge, the wireless screen effortlessly retracts with a simple touch from its wireless remote. Say hello to a hassle-free indoor golf experience, where seamless wireless functionality enhances your enjoyment.

Ballistic grade screen

With the implementation of advanced ballistic-grade material in the Pro Arms' screen and side netting, the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 possesses exceptional capacity to effortlessly absorb the impact of a full-swing shot at close range. Ingeniously designed, the screen flexes at the lower section, enabling the ball to smoothly roll back to your feet. This feature guarantees worry-free indoor practice with live balls, as it prevents any equipment damage. As long as you have sufficient space for unrestricted swings, you're all set to start your training.


Immerse yourself in the excitement of playing your beloved virtual golf courses using the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180. Whether you prefer solo play or friendly competition with loved ones, this cutting-edge solution offers an exceptional experience at a fraction of the price compared to other high-quality golf simulators. By pairing the ProScreen 180 with a projector and golf simulator, you can create an expansive 14ft projectable surface area with the extended Pro Arm side nets, ideal for projectors that display a 16:9 ratio. Delight in the complete virtual golf adventure without the need to step outside the comfort of your own home.

Mounting options

Tailor the installation of your HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 to suit your specific spatial requirements. Whether you prefer ceiling, wall, or Pro Rack mounting, we offer versatile options to accommodate your setup perfectly. With a minimum clearance of 8 feet and the freedom to select the most suitable mounting option, you can relish the flexibility of placing your indoor golf simulator enclosure exactly where it works best for you. Experience the convenience of customising the placement to optimise your golfing experience.


No need to fret if you lack sufficient room for a virtual golf practice setup, as the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 offers a convenient retractable feature. With just a tap of the wireless remote provided, you can swiftly reclaim your space in a matter of seconds. Whether it's for your own use or to accommodate your significant other's needs, the ProScreen 180 can be effortlessly stored away. And if you happen to have a permanent golf enclosure in your living room, we commend your remarkable setup!

Technical Specifications
  • Max width: 4.2 metres
  • Minimum width: 2.46 metres
  • Screen height: 2.4 metres
  • Minimum distance from wall: 47 cm
  • Minimum distance from ceiling: 15 cm
A safe way to play indoors | MIA Golf Technology
A safe way to play indoors
Enjoy a secure and safe indoor golfing experience, providing peace of mind during your swings.
Advanced connectivity options | MIA Golf TEchnology
Compatible with all golf simulators
Seamlessly integrate with any golf simulator, ensuring a smooth and versatile golfing experience.
Easy installation and zero clutter
Easy installation and zero clutter
Experience hassle-free setup and a tidy environment with easy installation and no clutter, making your indoor golfing setup a breeze.

Swing inside without the stress

Transform your indoor golfing dreams into reality with the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180° – the ultimate choice for a seamless and exhilarating golfing experience at home. Step into a worry-free world of indoor golfing, where you can confidently swing a genuine golf ball without concern for mishits or damage. Discover unparalleled convenience, safety, and endless joy with the HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180° – the ultimate solution for all golf enthusiasts.


What is HomeCourse Golf Screen Pro 180°?

The HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180° is an advanced retractable golf screen and enclosure designed for home use. Crafted with a ballistic-grade screen, it can easily handle the impact of real golf balls, ensuring your safety while containing errant shots with overhead and side netting. The screen is also projectable, allowing you to use it with or without a simulator and projector.

How much space do I need to install the HomeCourse Golf Screen Pro 180°?

To accommodate the HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180° with its Pro-Arms fully extended, you will need a minimum width of 10ft. 6in. Additionally, it is recommended to leave 18 inches of space between the screen and a wall to allow for impact absorption. Apart from that, you'll need ample space to swing your golf club freely in all directions – front, back, and above. Typically, an area measuring 10ft. 6in. (W) x 12ft. (D) x 9ft. (H) is sufficient, but every golfer is unique, and their swings vary. It is also important to understand your launch monitor’s specifications, typically a radar based launch monitor requires 8ft from the LM to the ball and 8ft of ball flight. It is essential to test your available space before purchasing and installing the HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180°. The unit must be installed no more than 8 feet from the ground, ensuring the bottom of the screen touches the ground. Lower installation is also possible, providing some extra slack at the bottom, which is perfectly acceptable.

Can I install the HomeCourse Golf Screen Pro 180° by myself?

If you possess experience in drilling walls, locating studs, and handling mounting hardware, you can indeed install the HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180° by yourself. While DIY installation is possible, it's recommended to have someone assist you with two ladders, as this will make it easier to hoist the unit without the need for special equipment.

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Can I hit a real golf ball into the HomeCourse Golf Screen Pro 180°?

Absolutely! The HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180° is designed to handle the impact of real golf balls, providing you with an authentic golfing experience in the comfort of your home.