Pre-owned FlightScope X2C Golf Launch Monitor in Fantastic Condition with Carry Case


This unit is in fantastic condition and includes a charger, USB cable for wired connection to a PC, an iPad holder and carry case. It can be used Indoors or Outdoors

The FlightScope X2C (Complete) means it comes with Wi-Fi connection direct to IOS or Android tablets & phones, Windows laptops & PCs. It also has self-levelling feet and rechargeable battery capability giving about 2.5 - 3 hours of battery life but it can also be used on mains power.

The X2 works with the E6 Connect App on PC and IOS only, FS Golf and FS Skills Apps on IOS and/or Android tablets & phones. The VX App is available for iPad and Android tablets only. For an extra fee it also works with the FlightScope PC Software. Please note there is no putting with this unit.

If required there are various E6 Connect and other simulator software options available for purchase from our website

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