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What is Mevo?

Improve your game

Mevo is a range of 3D Doppler radar launch monitors that can be used indoors and outdoors to help golfers improve their game.

Automatic Video Clipping

Practice without interruption using the Mevo app on your mobile devices to automatically record, clip, and save each video with data overlay.


New with Mevo+ iOS simulation software package. The iOS package includes ownership of 5 simulated golf courses including Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary, and the Belfry as well as 17 practice ranges, a darts mini game and on-line events.

Dial in your distances

Mevo provides real-time performance data to help you practice and improve with every club in the bag on the range, on the course, and in your home.

The FlightScope Mevo Family

Performance data you can trust

Data Parameters





Mobile Apps

For mevo and mevo+

Our free mobile apps give you the ability to take your game to the next level when paired with a FlightScope Mevo or Mevo+ radar. The Mevo is available with the FlightScope Mevo Golf app. The Mevo+ is available with the FlightScope Golf app, FlightScope Skills app, and E6 Connect simulation software.

Golf app for Mevo+
Data margins in FS | Golf app for Mevo+
FS | Skills App for Mevo+


Check out our FREE apps

Please note: our apps only work when a mevo unit is paired with your mobile device. The mevo+ apps currently only work with iOS.

Order your Mevo / Mevo+

The Mevo range is the perfect place to start your journey of becoming a better golfer. The FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ provide golfers with accurate data parameters and features needed to improve performance and have fun both indoors and outdoors. 

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How mevo improves your game

Measure your numbers

Real-time performance data.

Evaluate your game

Save, upload and share practice sessions.

Visualise your improvement

Action video clips captured by phone with data overlay.

Optimise your performance

Automatic video clipping and storage.

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