Capto 2.0 Bundle

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How do I improve my chances of getting finance?

When putting a finance application there’s nothing more frustrating than it being declined.

Often an applicant is declined not because of their credit history or anything they’ve done but because of a few simple errors.

First off it’s really important that their full name is input. MAKE SURE they put the name on their passport. Not Jim instead of James or Bob instead of Robert! Then you need to make sure that they meet every one of the following criteria:

  • Min age 18, Max age 75 at the end of the term
  • Be a permanent UK resident, with minimum 3-year address history
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN if applying online.
  • In regular permanent employment, minimum 16 hours with minimum annual income £10,000
  • Exclusions: Unemployed/ Students/Non-UK Residents
  • Finance must be applied for in the name of the individual that is taking the goods or services.
  • All details entered during the application process must be personal to the applicant. E.g. personal email address and mobile number.
  • If an application has declined contact Merchant Support to check if the application is a genuine decline or if the applicant can re-apply.
  • Double check the applicants details against their government issued ID i.e. Full name and House/Flat number and postcode.
  • Ensure gross annual income is entered for the sole applicant, not weekly/monthly or household income
By following the above, you may be surprised with the difference it may make with acceptance rates.

Key Features

We are proud and excited to announce the beginning of the 2nd generation of Capto putting technology. A new level of putting experience!

Capto turns guessing into knowing, imagination into certainty, and feelings into numbers.

Capto = precision, quality, innovation

The Capto sensor works both great indoors in ‘controlled environments’ as well as outdoors in ‘uncontrolled environments’.

This versatility makes it a ‘must have’ for every coach and player that is interested in putting.

This Capto bundle includes: Calibration Tool, Loft & Lie Meter & Level 1 & 2 Online Certification

Portability, accuracy & freedom

Measure strokes inside or outside on the putting green, across a variety of different putts. Change the slope, change the distance and keep recording!

At CAPTO our desire to improve never stops! We strive for continuous improvement to both current and future products. This has lead us to where we are today and the release of our 2nd generation Capto sensor.

GEN 2 – What’s different?

  1. There’s a new AIM FEATURE in the Capto APP
    • Make a simple calibration every time you use
    • You can record more than one target each session
    • The Capto app will understand where player is aiming automatically
    • Add aim face number in LAB page
    • Live biofeedback (sound) for good or bad aim
    • Live aim compass


  2. The unit has a LIVE MONITOR DISPLAY
    Select the value you want to see in “Green mode” using the Capto App
    Display will show 3 parameters and the display hood helps visibility
    You can use Capto without device during course training and have live feedback
    Switch display mode off at any time!!
  3. Display monitor on device
    Receive feedback even when device isn’t connection to the software
  4. Longer battery life
    Up to 180 minute battery life
  5. New and improved shaft fixing
    Screw no longer needed for connecting device to the shaft
  6. USB C
    New unit uses USB C for charging rather than Mini USB
No. Parameters 40 40
Aim Tool? As external tool Embedded
Screen Monitor? No Yes
Stand alone sensor usage No Yes
Weight 65 grams (Capto)
30 grams (Aim Tool)
57.25 grams
Battery Life 90 min 180 min

The flexibility and data capture is revolutionary!

Do not miss the opportunity portable accurate putting tool, that’s always with you!

Don’t wait to looking to improve your putting!

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Capto 2.0 Bundle

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