HackMotion PLAYER

Designed for players wanting to practice wrist angles and clubface control. The ultimate coaching tool to teach correct wrist mechanics for an improved ball flight. Precise data and feedback after every swing helps you to accelerate the learning process.

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Key Features

Master clubface control to improve accuracy

Clubface Control mode helps players to learn to control the amount of extension and flexion which opens and closes the clubface.

This mode provides data on how much the player changed extension during the swing, it contains suggested tour player ranges and audio biofeedback so you can quickly learn the correct motion.

Practice with real-time audio feedback

Using audio biofeedback helps you to accelerate your learning by receiving a sound signal when you are making the correct motion.

Since you can not always trust your feel when making swing changes, the audio signal mode is a great tool to keep you on the right track.

Improve your putting stroke consistency

Wrist stability mode helps you to learn a consistent putting stroke by minimizing unnecessary wrist motion.

This mode is perfect for working on your putting stroke on the practice green or even at home.

Monitor your progress

Session summary screens provide data on all swings so you can monitor your own progress or share it with your coach.

All sessions are saved in the cloud so you can always access your data.

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