HackMotion PRO

Designed for coaches looking to analyse and teach wrist angles and clubface control.

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How do I improve my chances of getting finance?

When putting a finance application there’s nothing more frustrating than it being declined.

Often an applicant is declined not because of their credit history or anything they’ve done but because of a few simple errors.

First off it’s really important that their full name is input. MAKE SURE they put the name on their passport. Not Jim instead of James or Bob instead of Robert! Then you need to make sure that they meet every one of the following criteria:

  • Min age 18, Max age 75 at the end of the term
  • Be a permanent UK resident, with minimum 3-year address history
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN if applying online.
  • In regular permanent employment, minimum 16 hours with minimum annual income £10,000
  • Exclusions: Unemployed/ Students/Non-UK Residents
  • Finance must be applied for in the name of the individual that is taking the goods or services.
  • All details entered during the application process must be personal to the applicant. E.g. personal email address and mobile number.
  • If an application has declined contact Merchant Support to check if the application is a genuine decline or if the applicant can re-apply.
  • Double check the applicants details against their government issued ID i.e. Full name and House/Flat number and postcode.
  • Ensure gross annual income is entered for the sole applicant, not weekly/monthly or household income
By following the above, you may be surprised with the difference it may make with acceptance rates.

Key Features

Get a complete set of wrist data

Measure, don’t guess! The Full System provides complete motion capture for flexion/extension, radial/ulnar, and rotation.

The data is shown as tiles, graphs, and 3D hand models for full swing, pitching, and putting. You can do an in-depth analysis of a player’s motion pattern and compare it to PGA tour player data.

Provide students with audio feedback on all metrics

Student’s feel, ain’t real so use our audio feedback to guide your players to the correct wrist position.

The sound signal will play only when the player is in the desired wrist angle range, giving instant feedback when the player is making the correct motion and speeds up learning process.

Advanced analysis of your student’s putting stroke

Putting analysis mode provides detailed data on your student’s putting stroke – flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation and rotation.

This is great for identifying what motion is causing inconsistency and quickly fixing it.

Student profiles and progress tracking

Create a profile for each student and track their progress after each session.

Session summary screens will provide data on all the shots so you can easily monitor students’ progress and send session reports with the data.

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