Zen Swing Stage

The adjustable Zen Swing Stage provides a world-class experience by bridging the gap between practice and play. It allows golfers to connect existing golf tech to the Stage and capture Deep Green© data from real course scenarios, creating the ultimate training experience.

The Zen Swing Stage can also be used with golf simulation. It can be an immersive simulator experience creating real life approach shots from various gradients which allows you to feel the shot as in real golf course experiences.

Born out of Sheffield, backed by world leading technological institutions and fully certified, this is simulation that makes sense.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 6-8 week lead time following deposit

  • Driver to Wedge Play: Suitable for a full range of golf shots.
  • Gradient Adjustability: 10% - Ball above/below feet, 12% Uphill / Downhill, plus variable compound gradients.
  • Rapid Slope Transitions: For a realistic golfing experience.
  • Compliance with Safety Regulations: Ensures a secure playing environment.
  • Wireless Tablet Control: For easy adjustments and control.
  • On-Floor or In-Floor Options: Versatile installation to fit different settings.
  • Precise Gradient Accuracy: Adjustments to +/- 0.1% gradient for realistic simulation.
  • Strike Oval for Tee Shots: Interchangeable strike oval- High quality teeline turf, enables shots thru the bag play, and holds a real tee
Data Parameters
  • Launch Monitor & Golf Simulation: Recreate over 38,000 golf courses worldwide.
  • Performance Analysis: Deep Green Data offers detailed insights into your golfing skills.
  • Course Terrain Simulation: Simulates real golf course conditions.
  • Force & Pressure Plates: Provides detailed swing data analysis.
  • 3D Kinematics & Pose Estimation: Measures performance in real-life scenarios.
  • Augmented Reality: Enhances visualisation and training skills.
Technical specification
  • Size: 6ft x 8ft (1.83m x 2.44m).
  • Adjustability: 0.1% increments at all four corners independently.
  • Movement: 10% - Ball above/below feet
  • Controls: Bluetooth touchscreen tablet with multiple control options.
  • Hitting Surface: Interchangeable Strike Oval for diverse shot play.
  • Standing Surface: High-quality artificial grass.
  • Installation: By Zen Certified installers worldwide.
  • Certification: UKCA conformity mark.
Other features
  • Silent Operation: Ensures a disturbance-free environment.
  • Preset Options: Simplify setup for various golfing scenarios.
  • Compatibility: Can be used with existing golf simulators and launch monitors.
Real Golf Simulation
Offers the most realistic indoor golfing experience by accurately mimicking real-world course conditions.
golf club
Versatile Training
Suitable for all golfing practices, from driving to putting.
Advanced Technology Integration
Easily connects with existing golf technology for enhanced training and analysis.

Where Every Shot Mirrors the Course

Revolutionise your golf training with the Zen Golf Swing Stage, an innovative breakthrough in golf technology. This advanced platform brings the realism of the golf course right into your indoor setup. With its ability to simulate over 38,000 courses and various terrain conditions, the Zen Swing Stage is perfect for golfers seeking to refine their skills in a controlled environment. Its precise gradient adjustments and compatibility with existing golf tech make it an essential tool for serious golfers and coaches. The Zen Swing Stage isn’t just a practice aid; it’s a gateway to mastering the nuances of golf, ensuring that your skills are directly transferable to the course.


How does the Zen Swing Stage enhance indoor golf practice?

It simulates real-world golf course conditions, including slopes and terrain variations, for a more realistic practice experience.

Can I integrate the Zen Swing Stage with my current golf simulator?

Yes, the Swing Stage is designed to work seamlessly with most existing golf simulators and launch monitors, including FlightScope.

What are the installation options for the Zen Swing Stage?

It offers both On-Floor and In-Floor models, suitable for various indoor environments and preferences.