This time in Game Changers, we take a look at the impressive data on FlightScope X3 and discover ways to improve your swing from your living room. We feast our eyes on the stunning St Andrews Old Course in Scotland, and hear about Mevo+ from Bubba Watson.


The FlightScope X3 golf launch monitor is for any golfer looking for accurate data that will truly improve their swing and overall game. If you like the idea of 3D tracking radar and image processing, the chance to capture data and auto clip video, adjust the environment, and have in depth D-Plane analysis, then this is the golfing tech for you. This portable launch monitor is able to provide the most detailed and accurate ball and swing data to help you get ahead and keep your swing consistent.


A good golf swing needs mobility. However, with sedentary lifestyles and the ageing process, we can easily become stiff and our golf game can suffer. Michael Carroll, a Level 3 TPI certified fitness coach, explains, “Our golf swings are dictated by our physical abilities. So if you have poor mobility, you will be limited in the type and degree of movement your body can make in your swing.

By performing mobility exercises every day such as hip circles, spinal flexion and extension, arm circles, and shoulder circles, you can dramatically boost your club head speed and improve consistency in your swing.


Located in St Andrews, Fife, the Old Course dates back to 1552, with the current design laid out by Old Tom Morris and Daw Anderson in the 1850s. Yes, this is a course steeped in history, drama, and not a little challenge. For any golfer, it’s a highlight of their playing career, with seven double greens and only two short holes and only two par 5s. Consistently voted as one of the most playable courses in the world, even to this day, with views of the iconic, idyllic town to please the eye and a technical, exciting round for any experience level. As Golf Monthly’s Rob Smith puts it: “This is simply the most famous course in the world and it should be at the top of the bucket list for any golfer who has not played it.”


PGA Tour player, Bubba Watson, uses Mevo+, the advanced launch monitor and golf simulator. It’s perfect for indoors, outdoors, and all weather. He said, “I’m not a player who spends a lot of time on the range during tournament weeks. The FlightScope team is there with me to make sure I’m as prepared as possible when I step to the first tee.”

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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