The newest FlightScope launch monitor, the 2023 edition of the Mevo+ sees one of the most popular launch monitors in the world, get even better. Here is your in depth guide to the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition.

What is the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition

The FlightScope Mevo+ is a launch monitor and simulator that uses patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology to provide golfers with accurate golf performance data. “Mevo” stands for Measure, Evaluate, Visualise and Optimise and this is a perfect summary of what the Meo+ does.

Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar technology and synchronised high speed image processing that helps provide users with the most accurate and consistent data for every shot – indoors and outdoors.

The Mevo+ has recently been upgraded with a new kickstand, improved battery life as well as FlightScope PC software and 10 courses on the TruGolf E6 Connect software being included as standard.

Why should you choose the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition?

The FlightScope Mevo+ was first introduced at the 2020 PGA merchandise show and is an upgraded version of its pocket sized younger brother, the FlightScope Mevo, whilst retaining its affordability. The FlightScope Mevo+ is one of the few sub £2000 launch monitors that is compatible with state of the art simulation software such as TruGolf E6 Connect.

The 3d Doppler radar system, as used in the military, emits microwaves onto the club and ball which then gets reflected back to give you over 20 data parameters. This gives the benefit of not being affected by lighting conditions, which many other photometric launch monitors are.

Everything we have spoken about so far can be said for the FlightScope Mevo+, but why should you choose the 2023 edition?

Compared to its predecessor, the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 edition has an extra hour of battery life, 3 in total, an upgraded kickstand with a whopping 12 degrees of tilt and FS Golf PC software included as standard. Crucially, the new edition is now supremely compatible with PC for those who don’t use an iOS device.

Where can you use the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition?

You can use the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition indoors or outdoors, perfect to take with you to the range or use out on the golf course. If you are using the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition indoors, then you need to be aware that you need 2.4 metres of space behind the launch monitor and another 2.4 metres of space in front for the minimum ball flight requirements.
How to set up the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition?
When receiving your FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition, you will also receive a power adapter, USB cable, reflective stickers, battery, Wi-Fi adapter and simulator angle inside the case. When setting up the launch monitor, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! First pull out the battery isolation tab and check the rubber bands are in place. Then, fully charge the device and finally fully open the kickstand. To connect to the FS Golf App, you will find a QR code on the bottom of your box which you can scan for more instructions.

What Data Parameters does the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition track?
The FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition tracks 16 data parameters in total.

  • ball speed
  • club head speed
  • carry distance
  • total distance
  • roll distance
  • smash factor
  • spin rate
  • spin axis
  • spin loft
  • vertical launch angle
  • horizontal launch angle
  • apex height
  • lateral landing
  • angle of attack
  • shot shape

It is worth mentioning that with the Mevo+ Pro Package add-on, you can then access the following 11 data parameters:

  • club path
  • speed profile
  • acceleration profile
  • curve
  • dynamic loft
  • vertical descent angle
  • low point
  • face to path
  • face to target
  • vertical swing plane
  • horizontal swing plane

What software is the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition compatible with?

The FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition is compatible with all the same software and apps as the previous version. You can find information about some of the software and apps below.


FS Golf app

This is the main app that is compatible with with the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition. The FS Golf app allows you to view your shot trajectory, clip your videos and share your videos. You can also set data margins for certain data parameters and keep a record of your club distance averages. This also has the bonus of being a free app that you will be able to download via a QR on the bottom of the box that your launch monitor arrives in.

FS Skills app

The skills app allows you to test your skills by seeing if you can hit virtual targets. You get scored on how close to the centre of the target you get and you can up the pressure by adding a time limit! We really enjoy using this app ourselves.

Software options

FS Golf PC Software

The FS PC Software is designed to give Mevo+ users an option to work on their game using a PC rather than on a tablet or phone. The FS PC Software is customisable so users can choose how to view their data, trajectories, charts, and more.

Mevo+ Pro Package

The Mevo+ Pro Package is an add-on option to the award winning Mevo+ that gives access to more data parameters powered by FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology.

Face Impact Location

Face Impact Location is available for Mevo+ Pro Package users at an additional charge. View and analyse the precise location of face impact to work on accuracy and consistency with wedges, irons, and woods. Compare face impact with shot data and video to improve performance.

TGC 2019

​​TGC 2019 the most advanced and affordable 3D golf simulator software available on the market today. The Golf Club software has been uniquely designed to experience the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use.

TruGolf E6 Connect

E6 Connect is a high-quality, customizable golf simulation software that is integrated with FlightScope to provide an accurate improvement and gaming experience. The upgraded Mevo+ gives you access to 4 more courses on this software than you had before.

Awesome Golf Suite

Transform your FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition with a full suite of games! Fun, competitive games, skills tests and virtual golf courses, built with all ages and abilities in mind.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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