Today we’re talking data. From the best tech, to the place to use it and the pro who does, we explore the power of data tracking when it comes to improving your game.


The key to a great game is data and analysis. The Awesome Golf Range, powered by FlightScope, gives you just that. With 28 club and ball data parameters, including D-Plane data, ball speed, spin loft, and flight time, the Awesome Golf Range, powered by FlightScope, can give you everything you need to see where you can improve.

With the Awesome Golf Range, powered by FlightScope, players are able to track data with ultimate accuracy. As well as custom fitting and coaching, the tech has a group golf option where golfers can play customisable virtual rounds for up to four players. Locations can set up competitions, and offer unique and exclusive courses that are custom made and available to play at the range.


Data from a launch monitor can help you improve your game, but golf specific fitness training shouldn’t be overlooked to improve the numbers. The Golf Science Journal published research on plyometric training concluding “A program of golf specific plyometric training can potentially lead to improvements in variables related to club head speed and ball displacement.” (1)

Having a plyometric plan prepared for you by a certified expert, increases your rate of force development. This refers to how quickly you can produce force (2). Over time you will notice how improvements in your plyometric training translate into a stronger and more explosive golf swing.

Places: Kingsbarns, St Andrews

So what are you training for? Power? Precision? Consistency? Well, take a step back from time to time and consider what you’re really training towards: playing golf that truly challenges you and creates lifetime memories. Kingsbarns, St Andrews is the place for you. A beautiful landscape which was host to the Ricoh Women’s British Open, it was opened in 2000 as a modern take on the traditional Scottish course, offering a relaxed and enjoyable round that still punches at an international standard. (3)

People: Sierra Brooks

Professional golfer, Sierra Brooks, understands the importance of data from launch monitors. She gets to know her strengths and weaknesses by using the FlightscopeX3, with video and data overlay, drawing tools, and data margins. Check out this video of Sierra in action using the FlightScope Golf App (3)

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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