Let’s take a look at tech to accurately analyse your putts, the pros using it, and the importance of a strong core. The course in the spotlight this week is Education City in Qatar—it’s one we are sure you’ll be putting on your must visit list, even after the World Cup!


Like the sound of immediate and accurate putting data in real time? The Capto 2.0 Putting Analysis System is capable of just that. Get data on mechanical and biomechanical parameters that can be delivered to your device in 3.3 ms. This lightweight device has an embedded aim tool, 40 data parameters, screen monitor with display hood, stand alone sensor, 180 minutes of battery life, and weighs just 57.25 grams.

Capto turns guessing into knowing, imagination into certainty, and feelings into numbers. The Capto sensor works both great indoors in ‘controlled environments’ as well as outdoors in ‘uncontrolled environments’. This versatility makes it a ‘must have’ for every coach and player that is interested in putting.


Having a strong core can help improve your putt. By having strength through the body you’ll reduce hip rotation that can lead to an uncontrolled pendulum movement.

David Leadbetter, leading golf instructor, teaches the importance of a strong core. He says, “The dog wags the tail.” This phrase of his means that when you lead with the core, the shoulders, arms, and club will follow.(1)

You can strengthen your core with targeted exercises such as bird-dog, side planks, deadbugs, and crunches. Pilates classes are a great way to build up core strength ready for a controlled and accurate putt.


With all eyes on Qatar for the upcoming football World Cup, let’s not forget the commitment that this region has to creating outstanding golf courses—like Education City Golf Club, right next door to the football stadium. Designed by José María Olazábal in line with USGA standards, the focus is on educating better play, including your putting game—using the best technology, training techniques and green design.


We’re singing the praises of the Capto 2.0 for a good reason: it’s a game changer. Now we’ve taken this new model Capto out and put it through it’s paces, we can tell you exactly the difference it makes. Here from Ben Mason, PGA professional at iGolf Studio in Sheffield about why he used the Capto 2.0 with his clients;

“Capto 2.0 measures every putt of any distance to the highest level of accuracy. It is easy to set up, very portable and can be used in a golf studio, on the putting green or on the course.

There are 48 different parameters available, you get instant feedback via the Capto App and/or a selection direct to the sensor. I would recommend Capto to any PGA/Teaching Pro, or Putting coach”

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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