This time, we’re talking about wearable tech to assist your recovery, and understanding the importance of a reset. See the best place to recoup for your next game and hear about the post-game recovery for professional golfer Gary Orr.


Being out of the game because of injury or trying to play through sore muscles is frustrating. NuroKor designs wearable tech devices such as the Mibody, which promises to reduce pain and inflammation, boost performance, accelerate healing, and speed up recovery.

Bioelectrical medicine is nothing new. Athletes have been using it for trauma and recovery for decades; however, NuroKor makes it accessible to the masses.

Every tissue type in the body has a bioelectrical current that gets disrupted through injury. Microcurrent technology in the NuroKor devices mimic this natural current, helping to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. By taking time to recover and repair, your game can be dramatically improved and you’ll find yourself back on the course sooner.



Taking time to recover should be as important as practising your swing. Recovery isn’t just about putting your feet up after a few days on the course. It’s about rehydrating, refuelling, and even easing muscle soreness with a massage.

PGA Professional, Brent Davis, writes, “just a 1% drop in your hydration levels will negatively impact on your golf performance. Drinking enough water before, during, and after the game is a crucial part of your recovery programme.

Improving circulation and loosening muscles is important too. However, getting a massage after a game isn’t always feasible. Thankfully foam rollers exist, which are said to do a similar job. Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear explains, “People have been getting massages for centuries for general wellness. Foam rolling increases blood flow, muscle temperature and seems to help a lot of people improve their flexibility.”



Sometimes it’s a break from the routine that leads to a refreshing recovery. Instead of heading for your regular round or driving range why not make a beeline for one of the UK’s most beautiful courses instead? Alnwick in Northumberland is home to just such a course — only 9 holes, but among unspoilt British seaside and fresh air: voted one of the UK’s most scenic by Today’s Golfer magazine.



Scottish pro Gary Orr, a double winner on the European Tour, has suffered with back problems in the later stages of his golfing career. He’s also a user of the Nurokor MiTouch, and has spoken about the benefits he gets from using bioelectronic technology to speed up his recovery. Now playing at Senior Legends Tour events, the rigours of play — on top to travel and practice — can place a lot of strain on the back, and regular, portable relief can be a real gamechanger.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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