Take a look at the highly rated tech to analyse your foot pressure for a stronger swing, plan your trip to the iGolfStudio for data driven experience, and get explosive in your game with ballistic training.

Tech - Swing Catalyst

With over 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors, the Swing Catalyst provides detailed foot pressure data, real-time centre of pressure, and centre of pressure patterns. Giving you a better understanding of the golf swing and showing you data that couldn’t be tracked by the best high speed cameras or highly trained eye, the device can give you the data to help you to make drastic improvements. The Swing Catalyst can also sync with the best ball and club video analysis software for further insights.

Balance plate

Places - iGolfStudio

The iGolfStudio is a data-driven golf lover's dream. This state of the art facility features the best golf technology, including a full swing studio and a putting studio suitable for coaching, fitting, training and corporate events. Get an accurate analysis of your technique and clubs, to help you get the most from every round. If you’re someone who wants to perform at your peak, this is a place for your bucket list. 



People - Andrew Waple

Andrew is a PGA Professional working with some of the UK’s leading amateurs, club golfers and those just starting out in the game. He is also the Head Coach for Cumbria Country Junior Boys. Coaching from Carus Green Golf Academy, Andrew has used FlightScope technology at every step of the County pathway. From utilising the skills app to screen potential new squad members, monitor progress of current players, setting skills challenges at Squad days and ensuring golfers are using the best equipment to give them maximum benefit.

Andrew Waple - a PGA Professional

Fitness - Ballistic training

Getting explosive power in your golf swing is going to help you hit further, harder, and more consistently. You should practise ballistic training to get some energy behind your swing on the course or at the range. Ballistic training needs no equipment, and you can do it anywhere – just make sure you are properly warmed up to avoid injury! For home sessions try jump squats, lateral bounding, and 180 degree jumps. When you’re at the gym with access to a barbell, perform snatches, cleans, and push presses.

Gym for golfers
Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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