Capto EZ


Based on the Capto for accuracy and data quality. Train using either the screen on the device or connect to the app with your smartphone.

Key Features
  • Effortlessly improve putting
  • Set up and calibrate in less than 60 seconds
  • Designed specifically with the player in mind
  • The Sensor has a display monitor so you can train with or without your mobile device
  • Capto EZ 2024 now has 2 connections: Wi-fi or Bluetooth (BLE)
  • BLE gives a approximately 2 hours of battery life, Wi-Fi approximately 1 hour
  • Learn what to work on and understand your putting stroke with Capto theory
  • Capto EZ App requires an annual subscription fee of £37.99, this is payable directly in the App Store or Google Play Store.
App Version 2024.21

The new App release 2024.21 for iOS and Android.

  • Stroke Note (add a note)
  • Stroke Favourites (select stroke and mark as favourite for permanent and not daily list)
  • Value threshold off (no colours)
  • 2 ways of Aim Target Express
  • Report can be saved as an image on gallery
  • Multiple languages available in the settings

Effortlessly improve putting

Designed specifically with the player in mind.

Set up and calibrate in less than 60 seconds

Simply attach to the upper shaft level the putter face and you’re ready to go!

Solid & Light

The same sturdy case as the Capto Gen 2, but smaller in size and waterproof.

Sensor Dimension

Dimension: 60.45mm x 41.3mm x 44.8mm

Weight: 49 grams

Battery life: 60 minutes connected | 15 minutes for full recharge | 110 minutes in stand alone mode

Sensor is equipped with a display monitor so you can train with or without your smartphone

- Switch between the 8 possible values.

- Displays 2 parameters at a time

- Receive instant feedback after every stroke

Learn what to work on and understand your putting stroke with Capto theory

Training Aids are provided for Tempo and Acceleration self improvement.

Click here to enrol in a free Capto EZ course


Functionality Capto EZ Capto Gen 2.0
Parameters at impact Yes Yes
Parameters full stroke No Yes
Parameters graph No Yes
Face Aim Yes Yes
Face Impact Yes Yes
Face Change Yes Yes
Shaft Address No Yes
Shaft Impact No Yes
Shaft Change Yes Yes
Loft Address No Yes
Loft Impact No Yes
Loft Change No Yes
Lie Address No Yes
Lie Impact No Yes
Lie Change Yes Yes
Track (Club path) Yes Yes
Arc (Attack Angle) Yes Yes
3D Motion No Yes
Putt Plane & Shaft Plane No Yes
Putt Kernel & Shaft Kernel No Yes
Launch Direction No Yes
Launch Height No Yes
Energy Loss Yes Yes
Sweetspot Rotation No Yes
Putter Rail No Yes
Handling Yes Yes
Handling Graph No Yes
Trembling Yes Yes
Trembling Graph No Yes
Clubhead Speed + Graph No Yes
Hand Speed + Graph No Yes
Sweetspot Acceleration No Yes
Sweetspot Acceperation Graph No Yes
Hands Acceleration Yes Yes
Hands Acceleration Graph No Yes
Acceleration shape quality No Yes
Tempo Ratio Yes Yes
Tempo Timing Yes Yes
History Charts No Yes
Green Mode No Yes
Explore Mode No Yes
Practice Mode No Yes
Protocol Mode No Yes
Live mode No Yes
Database of players stroke No Yes
Daily stroke list Yes Yes
Player Profile Yes Yes
Putter Profile Yes Yes
Stand alone sensor use Yes Yes
Import strokes during stand alone No Yes
Speed dial Yes Yes
Player quality score Yes Yes
Stroke direction map Yes Yes
Video capture No Yes
Summary report Yes Yes
Average report No Yes
Putter compare No Yes
Session and Tags No Yes
Metronome sound Yes Yes
Add vocal note No Yes
Last stroke value Yes Yes
Scroll progressive strokes No Yes
Tempo tool practice Yes Yes
Acceleration tool practice Yes No
Search best stroke No Yes
Stroke compare No Yes
Cloud folder for strokes database No Yes
Import-Export players and strokes No Yes
All devices app (all operative system) No Yes
One sensor for multiple app users Yes No
Iphone and Android smartphone app Yes Yes
Putt template generation No Yes
Education Level 1 and 2 No Yes

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