This week, we’re looking at the Capto EZ, finding out how to mentally train for putting, appreciating the sophisticated St Andrews Old Course, and hearing about the technology that MIA Co-founder & professional golfer, Malcolm Mackenzie uses to perfect his putt.


On average, 40% of the strokes you make will be putts — so making your putt precise could be a gamechanger. The new Capto EZ technology from MIA is the putting training tech that we’ve all been waiting for. This latest innovation from the leaders in putting technology is packed full of features and data points to help you hone your greens. It takes only 60 seconds to attach and calibrate this 49g sensor, and you can choose to train using the onboard screen or the app on your phone. The Capto EZ makes putting better easy, giving you immediate feedback on impact and tempo with a range of values so you can perfect your style faster.

Capto EZ | MIA Golf Technology


To play your best game and perfect your putt you need to be fit, both physically and mentally. Mental fitness is a key player in golf. Mind-body connections make for a reliable and accurate putt. However, if you let it, your mind will also play against you by creating nerves and tension, impacting your game: the notorious yips.

How do you work on your mental fitness in golf? David Mackenzie, a mental coach to golfers on the PGA Tour, suggests that breathing exercises, spending 3 minutes looking back over your top 3 games, and saying a mantra can all help you get your mind fit for golf. Dr. Bob Rotella, premier sports psychologist, suggests you need routine, a belief you can win, and to ignore unsolicited advice. Good luck!



Not only one of the finest courses in Northern Ireland, Royal Portrush is also reckoned to be one of the best in the world. Founded in 1888 and designed by Harry Colt, the Royal Portrush combines demanding dunes, excellent links holes, and a few modernising touches for the 2019 Open Championship. Even these were light touches, with only a couple of holes being redesigned—to general acclaim, we should add. It’s a characterful course that demands a superior swing, with sea winds and dunefields channeling winds in unexpected ways.



Malcolm Mackenzie, co-founder of MIA Sports Technology and English professional golfer has been using the new Capto EZ to assess his putting accuracy and read the greens even better. By sharpening his putt with this technology, he is able to better analyse his game and look deep into the data to see where to make improvements.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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