SAM Puttlab


SAM PuttLab is the world‘s most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop sustainable training strategies. Additional modules allow comparing different putter or putt conditions. The fitting protocols offer solutions for professional putter fitting.

Model options
  • Extremely accurate
  • Analysis of 70+ putting parameters, including consistency
  • Specific training modules
  • Report Builder (80+ report templates)
  • Suitable for amateurs up to PGA Tour players
  • More than 2.500 satisfied customers worldwide
  • Fast setup, portable for indoor/outdoor use
  • 3D replay and Video add-ons
  • App remote control (iPhone/iPad)

Cutting edge putting analysis

Where can the SAM PuttLab be used?


To improve your business as a professional putting coach to the highest level, you don‘t need much more than a PuttLab, a room and a putting surface. The SAM PuttLab training mode allows you to customise individual training strategies to improve specific aspects of your putting. The immediate knowledge of result (KR) feedback for each putt guarantees significant and lasting training success.


SAM PuttLab offers a turnkey solution to support putter sales in a shop environment. The SAM comparison protocol directly compares the customers’ performance with different putters – an extremely smart way to select the best putter inside of minutes. The SAM fitting protocols offer a complete solution for professional putter fitting. Each relevant aspect is diagnosed in an interactive step by step process.

Software Modules


Comprehensive and Complete

• Analysis of >70 parameters, incl. Consistency

• Data for each putt stroke, data averages, benchmark charts

• Individual competence profiles

• Comparison to average PGA Tour performance

• Video integration & media file management


Perfect Presentation of Results

• Comprehensive multi-page reports

• Report Builder for customized reports

• Select from more than 80 report tiles in 4 sizes

• High resolution report printouts and PDF

• Simple and expert reports, Shot Pattern Report, Data Listing, and more


Compare Measurements or Putters 

• Directly compare up to 8 recordings

• Compare different training situations or different putters

• Track your performance over time

SAM PuttLab 7


The latest SAM PuttLab software comes with an improved interface, many new report options, and an updated PGA Tour players reference data.

  • New Report options (i.e. Swing Plane, Shaft Plane)
  • Extended number of putting parameters (from 28 to 70+)
  • 3D player analysis with the 3D-Putt 2.0 add-on
  • New Amateur and Tour players examples