Zen Green Stage

Experience the future of indoor golf with the Zen Green Stage, the sport’s most advanced moving floor. Its precision-engineered design offers silent motion accuracy of 0.1%, creating millions of different breaking putts and fairway slopes. Paired with the unique Zen Master® putting surface, the Green Stage delivers an unrivalled, true-to-life golfing experience for years to come.

  • All-Direction Movement: Enables double-breaking putts, mimicking real golf course greens.
  • Precise Gradient Accuracy: Delivers exact adjustments to +/- 0.1% gradient for realistic golf scenarios.
  • Gradient Variability: Offers up to 6.5% gradient up-down and up to 9% gradient left-right for diverse training.
  • Dual-Purpose Use: hit breaking putts and full shots off fairway slopes with additional Strike Oval
  • Rapid Slope Transitions: Effortlessly simulate real-world golf terrain with quick and smooth slope adjustments.
  • Zen Master Putting Turf: Features ultra-true turf (stimp 11.5) for an authentic putting feel.
  • Wireless Tablet Control: Conveniently control the stage settings through a wireless tablet.
  • Installation Flexibility: Available in both On-Floor and In-Floor options to suit various space requirements.
  • Safety Compliant: Fully complies with safety regulations and accreditations, ensuring a secure golfing experience.
Other features
  • Putting Analysis: Simulate over 700,000 global putting greens.
  • Launch Monitor & Golf Simulation: Over 38,000 golf courses recreated.
  • Performance Analysis: Deep Green Data for comprehensive golfing analytics.
  • Course Terrain Simulation: Engage in immersive play on thousands of courses.
  • Force & Pressure Plates: Detailed swing data analysis.
  • 3D Kinematics & Pose Estimation: Measure performance in real-life scenarios.
  • Augmented Reality: Enhances visualisation and skill development.
The Zen service
  • Design: Zen can advise on studio design to create a complete experience
  • Installation: Certified installers work to world class standards of safety
  • Support: Zen provides a support system keep you fully upgraded & functional
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Realistic Golf Experience
Transforms indoor golf with accurate real-world slopes, offering an unparalleled realistic playing surface.
Versatility and Integration
Seamlessly integrates with other golf technologies, making it a perfect addition to any home golf studio or training facility.
Advanced Data Analysis
Provides deep insight into your golfing style, aiding in the improvement of both full swings and putting.

Experience Realism Like Never Before

This state-of-the-art, UKCA-certified moving floor transforms any space into a dynamic golfing environment. With its ability to simulate over 700,000 putting greens and recreate the contours of more than 38,000 global golf courses, the Green Stage is a game-changer for golf enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This innovative technology offers precise, silent motion accuracy and seamless integration with launch monitors, simulators, and augmented reality. Embrace the future of golf training with the Zen Green Stage – where technology meets tradition to enhance your putting prowess


How easy is the Zen Green Stage to install?

The Green Stage offers self-assembly and professional installation options, catering to different user preferences and space requirements.

Can the Zen Green Stage be used for both full swing and putting practice?

Yes, it's designed for comprehensive golf training, suitable for both putting and full swing.

Is the Zen Green Stage safe to use?

Absolutely, it complies with stringent safety regulations and includes numerous safety features.