FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition preloaded with Pro Package & Face Impact Location


A sleek, limited edition, evolution of the acclaimed FlightScope Mevo+. This Limited edition model not only retains all the high-tech features of its predecessor but also boasts a new design.  It includes an exclusive iOS/PC E6 connect package with access to 12 courses that cannot be purchased separately or elsewhere.  It includes some of the world's most prestigious such as Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Bethpage Black and Harbour Town.

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Key Features
  • New Front Panel and Color Scheme: A refreshed aesthetic for a more modern look.
  • Preloaded Pro Package and Face Impact Location: Enhanced capabilities for detailed analysis.
  • Exclusive E6 Connect Package: Play on 12 unmatched courses not available for separate purchase. Pebble Beach, Old Course at St Andrews Links, Bethpage Black, Bay Hill, Harbour Town, The Greenbrier, The Belfry, Banff Springs, Panther Lake, Aviara, Wade Hampton, Oslo Golf Club
Data Parameters
  • ball speed
  • club head speed
  • carry distance
  • total distance
  • roll distance
  • smash factor
  • spin rate
  • spin axis
  • spin loft
  • vertical launch angle
  • horizontal launch angle
  • apex height
  • lateral landing
  • angle of attack
  • shot shape
  • club path
  • speed profile
  • acceleration profile
  • curve
  • dynamic loft
  • vertical descent angle
  • low point
  • face to path
  • face to target
  • vertical swing plane
  • horizontal swing plane
Technical Specifications
  • Product Dimensions: ‎8.2 x 8 x 2.4 inches; 1.76 Ounces
  • Batteries: ‎ 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Apple: iPhones / iPads withiOS 14 or later. Bluetooth LE 4.0 - supports UART/Serial Port Emulation service with RX and TX characteristics
  • Android: Android 6.0 or later (devices made in 2015 or later). Bluetooth LE 4.0 - supports UART/Serial Port Emulation service with RX and TX characteristics
Other features


  • FS Golf App
  • FS Skills App

Software options

  • FS Golf PC Software
  • TGC 2019
  • TruGolf E6 Connect
  • Awesome Golf Suite
Fusion tracking | MIA Golf TEchnology
Fusion Tracking
The Mevo plus features fusion tracking which provides a new level of accuracy and consistency on full swing and short game data parameters
20+ data parameters | MIA Golf TEchnology
Pro Package & Face Impact Location as standard
Preloaded with the best FlightScope software, you can track over 30 data parameters as standard
The best golf courses in the world
Experience some of the world's most famous courses right from your home or local range.

Refine Your Game in Style

This limited edition launch monitor is not just a tool; it's a statement of sophistication and precision. With its new eye-catching design and exclusive access to iconic golf courses through the E6 Connect package, it represents the pinnacle of golfing technology. Whether practising at home, on the range, or on the course, the Mevo+ Limited Edition offers an unparalleled experience. Its advanced features and intuitive design make it the ultimate choice for golfers who seek to combine style with performance.


What sets the Limited Edition apart from the standard Mevo Plus?

The Limited Edition features a new design, exclusive courses, and comes preloaded with additional features.

Can I use the Limited Edition on real golf courses?

For sure!! It's designed for versatility and can be used on any golf course.

Is there a subscription required for the exclusive courses?

No, the exclusive courses come preloaded with no additional subscription required.