• The Awesome Golf Range, powered by FlightScope, offers your customers a permanent Driving Range solution. With better data, software, and screens, it hits areas that other ranges miss.

    With real-time shot tracking from the tee to the turf, it offers players a cost-effective way to gain amazing insights into each shot. Using 28 club and ball data parameters, the Awesome Golf Range allows players to play games and analyse swing and ball flight with unerring accuracy.

    With flexible customisations and integrations, MIA will support you by tailoring the Awesome Golf Range to your needs. With a minimum of 5 metres of ball flight required, it’s the perfect fit for all kinds of Golfing environments, tracking both big drives and delicate short-game shots.

Ball tracking technology

FlightScope Mevo+ Range


The FlightScope Mevo+ Range, offers an affordable, portable Driving Range or Indoor Golf solution.

£3900 + VAT

FlightScope X3

An innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing for the most accurate tracking technology ever seen. Trust the unmatched accuracy.
3 USP’s: 50+ data points, Fusion Tracking, Wedge D-Plane data
£13,150.00 + VAT

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