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    The Awesome Golf Range, powered by FlightScope, offers your customers a permanent Driving Range solution. With better data, software, and screens, it hits areas that other ranges miss.

    With real-time shot tracking from the tee to the turf, it offers players a cost-effective way to gain amazing insights into each shot.
    Using 28 club and ball data parameters, the Awesome Golf Range allows players to play games and analyse swing and ball flight with unerring accuracy.

    With flexible customisations and integrations, MIA will support you by tailoring the Awesome Golf Range to your needs. With a minimum of 5 metres of ball flight required, it’s the perfect fit for all kinds of Golfing
    environments, tracking both big drives and delicate short-game shots.


    • Versatile - Only 5metres of space needed indoors, 2.5metres outdoors
    • Cost effective - High tech radar system in every bay at an affordable price
    • Scaleable - Can be used in facilities with just 1 bay, or ranges with many bays
    • Data quality - 28 data data parameters including club head data as well as ball data
    • Customisable - Tailor the Awesome Golf Range to your facility
    • Competitive - Leaderboards and games bring a competitive edge to the range


    • 3D tracking radar that tracks the club head, as well as the ball
    • Customisable coaching dashboards for coaching and club fitting
    • Multiple game options such as virtual golf and family game modes
    • Internal and external leaderboards and competitions
    • Customised hardware to track all types of shot
    • Ethernet and power cable
    • Mounting options: 100mm vesa mount (same as standard TVs) or mounting stand provided

    The Awesome Golf Range software tracks 28 data parameters in total, including crucial club head data.


    • Ball Speed
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Horizontal Launch Angle
    • Vertical Descent Angle
    • Smash Factor
    • Spin Rate
    • Spin Axis
    • Carry Distance
    • Roll Distance
    • Total Distance
    • Lateral Landing
    • Apex Height
    • Flight Time
    • Shot Dispersion
    • Skills Distance to Pin
    • Skills Score


    • Low Point
    • Club Speed
    • Club Speed Profile
    • Club Acceleration Profile
    • Face to Target
    • Face to Path
    • Dynamic Loft
    • Angle of Attack
    • Club Path
    • Spin Loft
    • Vertical Swing Plane
    • Horizontal Swing Plane


    The Awesome Golf Range needs a minimum ball flight of just 5 metres, opening up the possibility to install it in many different locations.

    The user-friendly software makes it suitable for unattended operation, with no settings being visible to customers, bay-specific messages, and an integrated online booking system.

    With multi-mode software, no minimum number of bays, and adjustable surface firmness, the Awesome Golf Range is completely versatile and can be adapted to suit your facility.

    It can help you create a competitive atmosphere through site-specific leaderboards, and hosting events that use its competitive game modes such as ‘Closest to the Pin’.

  • Optional extras include having your own course added to the software, integrated food and drink systems, a secure kiosk software, and remote support to enable direct access to a computer if an issue occurs.


    A quick and easy login process
    The login process is simple, letting you get started without a username and password: you simply login using a QR code via the free ‘Awesome Golf Community’ app. Registered users can track their detailed stats and achieve leaderboard entries, while unregistered players can enter their name and play. An auto-logout feature operates after a prolonged period of inactivity.

    Customer payment options


    • Integrate time and bay online booking into your website or app
    • In-bay greeting e.g. "Welcome Bob!"
    • Browser-based admin for on-site sales
    • Countdown timer visible in-game
    • PIN usage optional
    • Differential pricing if bays are not equal


    • No booking or payment required


    • Pay and play with no booking element
    • PIN codes grant X minutes of play, not related to the time of day
    • Countdown timer shown in-game
    • Differential pricing if bays are not equal


    Data and analytics

    • Live bay usage and bay status
      available online
    • For marketing, receive basic contact details of your customers (GDPR compliant)
    • Specific data queries run on request
    • Site usage broken down by day/week/month
    • Site usage broken down by bay

Kids & Family Fun

Fun for young ones and families with Shoot Outs and Monthly Worldwide Challenges.

Choose from five different tee positions in Virtual Golf to level the playing field!

Coaching & Custom Fitting

Instant feedback from each shot with D-Plane visualisation to take your client’s game to the next level. Customisable coaching dashboards for specific areas of development.

Use text labels in Coaching Mode to identify progression and the correct custom-fit.

Use Club Distances Mode to identify distances and gaps in the bag. Testing your customers with Challenges to prove their game under pressure.

Virtual Golf & Customisation

Group golf for up to four players with fully customisable virtual golf game formats.

Four unique and exclusive nine-hole courses. Exclusive competitions in any mode available only at your venue.

Range can be GPS mapped with the exact size and location of your targets. Your golf course can be custom-made and available to play on the range.

Community App & more

Contactless login with QR code scans in our Community App.

Customer session data kept in one place and updates after every visit.

Voted #1 software by

Flightscope Mevo+ Users


  • ★★★★★
    Horsham Golf installed FlightScope Range approx. 3 years ago, we installed this on all of our bays with Awesome Golf (the software partner), after some initial calibration teething issues FS range has produced consistently reliable and accurate data across all of our range use. We have had minimal ‘down time’ throughout this operation and on the rare occasion this has influenced trade MIA Golf Technology have dealt with the matter always within a fair and reasonable timeline. We chose FlightScope primarily because we felt club head data alongside ball flight data was relevant to the consumer and this has proved to be an important factor in our customers choice to use Horsham Golf. In addition, in conjunction with Awesome Golf, FlightScope have introduced new functionality over time, including a ‘coaching’ screen which is used by our PGA professionals as a fantastic addition to all coaching delivered on site.
  • ★★★★★
    We have installed 19 FlightScopes, high quality screens and leading edge software to ensure that our customers have the ultimate golf range experience. MIA Golf Technology have been outstanding partners throughout. Their attention to detail is first class and the FlightScope modules have worked without problem for the last two years, since installation. From a technical standpoint, the ability to marry clubface data with ball flight data gives us the best customer experience available in golf today. The results are completely accurate and customer feedback has been outstanding. For the avid golfer, there is far more useful data for serious improvements, practice sessions, club, fittings, and tuition. For the fun based leisure golfer, the user experience is also exceptional. The success of the golf range technology has led to a dramatic upswing in our takings. I would recommend MIA Golf Technology without reservation and any golf operator is welcome to see our product in action at Grimsby Golf Centre.
  • Neil Burke, Owner, Horsham Golf
  • Colin Jenkins PGA, Director, Grimsby Golf Centre, UK

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