MIA Sports Technology and NuroKor BioElectronics join forces to bring state-of-the-art technology for pain management and recovery to golf and cricket.

  • The new deal will bring personalised pain management and recovery solutions to golfers, cricketers and participants in other sports
  • NuroKor’s bioelectrical technology is already used by over 60 professional, elite and Olympic athletes, including our own Legends Tour player, Malcolm Mackenzie and Welsh National PGA Champion Toby Hunt

MIA Sports Technology has signed a new partnership with NuroKor BioElectronics to provide golf, cricket and sports enthusiasts with access to NuroKor’s range of bioelectrical technology for improved pain management, recovery and performance.

NuroKor’s technology is used by over 60 professional, elite and Olympic athletes and utilises bioelectric nerve stimulation to deliver personalised pain management, recovery support and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions. Welsh National PGA Champion, Toby Hunt, is a fan of the mitouch device which he uses to reduce the back pain he experiences during playing and travelling. Echoing Toby’s experience, a recent patient survey of more than 100 users showed that 91 percent had been able to stop or reduce pain medication when using NuroKor technology.

MIA Sports Technology serves the sports industry’s leading manufacturers, retail groups, independent retailers, resorts, PGA golf professionals and academies. From February 2022, the company will bring NuroKor’s mibody and mitouch devices into its extensive product range of state-of-the-art technology aimed at taking golf, cricket and sports performance further.

MIA Sports Technology’s co-founder, Malcom Mackenzie, is also a golfing pro with 35 years’ experience as a Touring Professional, having played at over 600 DP World Tour/European Tour events and winning the French Open in 2002. He said:

“I now play on the Legends Tour and still travel all around the world. To compete at this high level at over 50 years of age you need to recover quickly from the rigors of travel, practice and training. Having all Nurokor products in my travel bag helps speed up my preparation and quash the little niggles that you get as a Senior Golfer”

NuroKor founder and CEO, Rick Rowan, said: “Everyone involved in sports and exercise experiences injuries, aches and pains, and many are also looking for new ways to improve their recovery and performance, too, regardless of their level. We’re really excited to be partnering with MIA Sports Technology to extend our reach into the sporting industry alongside their range of the latest, and most innovative, technology on the market. We know how frustrating injuries can be, especially when sport and exercise is an important part of people’s lives, so it’s fantastic to be able to provide a solution that helps people to recover and get back to the activities they love as quickly as possible.”

For further information, please contact:

MIA Sports Technology e: sales@miasportstechnology.com t: +44 (0) 1142 436248

About MIA Sports Technology:

MIA Sports Technology is a Sheffield-based company co-founded by brothers Iain and Malcolm Mackenzie with over fifty years of combined experience in the industry. The exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of FlightScope® and BatSense and official European distributor of Capto, Science & Motion, HackMotion, Swing Catalyst, FP Zero, E6 Connect & Awesome Golf.

To find out more about visit: https://miasportstechnology.com/product-category/nurokor/

About NuroKor:

Founded in 2018, NuroKor develops and formulates programmable bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic applications, in a range of easy-to-use, wearable devices. The growing company provides the highest-quality, medically regulated products and recently opened its second UK base in Cardiff. To find out more, visit https://nurokor.co.uk/?ref=MALCOMMACKENZIE

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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