GG Putters are innovative golf putters designed to enhance your putting performance. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the features, benefits, and why GG Putters are a great choice for golfers looking to improve their putting game.

Why do GG Putters have the MIA seal of approval?

Each player has unique preferences, which is why GG Putters offer putters with three weights that golfers can move to achieve the best possible putt. This feature allows golfers to adjust the balance of their putter to suit their individual putting style and course conditions.

Green speeds can vary significantly from course to course and even from day to day. That's why GG Putters designed their putters to be adaptable to a wide range of conditions, so golfers can achieve the best possible results no matter where they play by simply changing the loft of their putter

Who are GG Putters?

Located in northern Italy, where metalworking has its roots and a long history. They are proud to be located in a region that is not only famous for its craftsmanship but also surrounded by beautiful nature and home to 169 producers of the famous Franciacorta wines. Priding themselves on our craftsmanship, and high-tech milling techniques, they use these methods to ensure that each putter is not only visually stunning, but also provides exceptional performance on the greens.

Like us, they believe that golf is more than just a game, and that the right equipment can make a difference which is why they create putters that not only perform exceptionally, but also look stunning on the course. Proud of their Italian heritage and the traditions of their craft, their team of skilled craftsmen use only the highest quality materials to create each putter. Their commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation sets them apart in the golf industry. They believe that these putters are not just tools for the game, but works of art that represent the passion and dedication of their team.

What models are available?


The GG Putters Antares model embodies the timeless elegance of a blade putter, appealing to golfers who appreciate a traditional and classic aesthetic. Designed with toe hang balancing, this putter is particularly well-suited for players with a slight arc in their putting stroke, providing a natural feel.

With the Antares model, customisation options for weight are at your fingertips. It comes with a standard weight of 348g (12.28 oz) but offers the versatility to choose between light weights (26g) or heavy weights (54g), allowing golfers to fine-tune their preferences for a personalised touch and optimal control.

Crafted with lightweight and durable aluminium material, the Antares clubhead ensures a robust and stable design that inspires confidence on the greens. Complementing this, the stainless steel clubface delivers a responsive and consistent striking surface, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control with each putt.

The Antares model caters to both left-handed and right-handed golfers, accommodating a range of player preferences. It features a medium-sized Winn grip in an elegant shade of grey, providing a comfortable and secure hold for enhanced grip stability throughout the putting stroke.

Available in three colours—titanium, red, and blue—the Antares puts style in your hands, allowing you to select the putter that aligns with your personal flair and seamlessly integrates into your golfing repertoire.


The GG Putters Orion model presents a striking mallet putter design, offering golfers a remarkable blend of stability and forgiveness on the greens. Crafted for players with a straight-back-and-through putting stroke, the Orion boasts a face-balanced construction, ensuring consistent performance and alignment.

Providing customisable weight options, the Orion model enables golfers to optimise their experience. With a standard weight of 396g (13.97 oz), players have the choice between light weights (26g) or heavy weights (54g), tailoring the putter's feel to suit their individual preferences and stroke dynamics.

Like the Antares, the Orion's clubhead is also meticulously engineered from lightweight and durable aluminium material with a stainless steel clubface facilitating enhanced accuracy and distance control with every putt.

Likewise, the Orion can be tailored to both left & right handers with a choice of colour, titanium, red and blue alongside a medium sized Winn grip. The Orion adds a touch of personalisation to your game, allowing you to select a putter that not only performs superbly but also matches your unique style and visual preferences.

Why should you choose a GG Putter?


The different design features of GG putters, such as the plumber neck and the use of special materials, helps to minimise vibration during collision with the ball, guaranteeing the golfer a clean strike.

Aimed Trajectory/Direction

Every golfer can find their optimal arc stroke that fits their game by moving the three provided weights. By relocating them, the trajectory/direction of the ball becomes even more linear to the aimed target line.


The Antares and Orion putters allow each golfer to find the combination that best suits their needs as they are available with multiple variations of lie and offset. If required, the golfer can also vary the loft by purchasing extra faces (2°, 4°) If the golfer wishes to vary weights and try further combinations, he has the option to purchase extra weights, heavy or light weights, thus obtaining other different positions of weight combinations.

Anti-reflection alignment lines

Engraved to guarantee maximum precision for every putt.

Made in Italy

GG Putters are designed and handmade following the highly regarded guidelines associated with the Made in Italy guarantee of quality to offer the golf world intuitive, stylish and distinctive putters. Not only do they have all the high qualities associated with the Made in Italy philosophy they provide excellent results on Quintic, SAM PuttLab & Capto.

Balance combinations

The golfer can choose the most advantageous weighting for his specific putting stroke. By purchasing the extra individual weights, the golfer can create further combinations of weight positions on his putter.

From heavyweight to lightweight, open or closed, you have the freedom to adapt your putter to your game. You can click here to view our free GG Putters brochure which details all of the possible combinations.

How to change the face

The putter comes with an interchangeable face with a loft of 3°. If desired, the golfer can also vary the loft by purchasing extra clubfaces (2°, 4°).

To achieve the best from your putter, you can change its clubface. Loosen the screws with the provided torque wrench, change the face and finally tighten the screws again with the same wrench until they are in place. You will be sure that they are screwed right when you hear the click system sound.

How to change the weights

The supplied equipment has to be used to change the combination of weight of your putter. Before proceeding to use it, it is necessary to make sure that every single weight has been completely closed. We recommend following the instructions for use.

To change the putter weights and find the combination that best suits your needs on the green, follow the procedure: With the torque screwdriver, unscrew the three grub screws on the sole of the putter until the weight comes out of its hole. Choose your weight combination. Insert the weights into the empty spots and screw the three grub screws back in with the torque wrench until they click into place.

Written by Malcolm Mackenzie

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